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Dustin Lauraine

My name is Dustin. I have been in residential construction for over eighteen years. Located in Denham Springs LA for 30 years.

My partners and I offer quality flooring installation in a timely fashion at an affordable rate. With experience in many different fields of construction, and a can do attitude, we get the job done right the first time.  We are a team of reliable flooring  installers that do this every day . We are flooring installers linked to some of the largest wholesale flooring industries  in the United States.  I started Southern Flooring & More to help people visualize the many different designs and directions they can go when planning an upgrade or maybe remodeling.  It’s really what ever you can imagine and afford, the sky’s the limit on designing. Also the pictures are a personal record of the amazing work we’ve done all over southern Louisiana.

I wasn’t always a flooring installer.

I started working when i was about 15 years young in the summer. My cousin would bring me out on his jobs so i could learn a trade. I know he just needed cheap help hanging sheetrock. What better way than to hire family rite.

Besides I was making some money! It wasn’t a lot but it was enough to make me want more.

The next year i made the mistake of quitting school to go  hang sheetrock. I worked for my cousin about 5 years. Another 7 years for other contractors still hanging rock.

When hurricane katrina hit louisiana, it brought so many people looking for work. They where so cheap the contractors didn’t think twice. They sold us out for merly pennies on the dollar. Good dependable people. People that had been in sheetrock 40+ years. It devistated my income. I didn’t know what i was gonna do. All i had worked towards was gone . I couldn’t compete with there prices. Sure we piddled around when we could but it just wasn’t enough.

I then went to scraping junk metal. It paid enough to feed my family and pay some of the bills. I was still in a bind . I moved moble homes sometimes when they needed an extra guy. I tried working on the tugboats. I found out very quick how much i didn’t like being in one spot for so long. I needed something not only phisically challenging but mentally aswell. So then i did a little desal michanic work. The money was ok but the drive just to work was a deal braker for me.

My start in flooring.

That brought me to installing floors, showers and more. I started out  as a helper, working for David’s Flooring he’s  located in Walker LA.  at 12 bucks an hour. David ( known as bull ) has been installing floors for over 30 years. Paul, has been in the flooring installation industry for a little over 20 years. Both great teachers and team partners.

When i started  I took to flooring like flies on stuff. It was just like a big game of tetris . But most of all it was challenging my mind aswell. The money wasn’t stake and gravy at first but we where eating and i have had much worse jobs. The money got better and pretty quick too.

 Paying attention to detail!

I must say that having some great teachers plays a big part when learning a new field. I learn things fast just by paying attention to detail. When i am helping another person, that man shouldn’t have to ask for anything. That’s just my work ethics some might say. During my first few months i absorbed as much as i could about flooring and all that goes with it.   We spent the first couple years installing flooring all over South Louisiana. We have done some really beautiful  tile flooring designs and we have installed some stuff i wouldn’t put in my dogs house. All at the home owners request of course. Here we are today 4 1/2 years later 2015. I am currently working on getting my certified flooring installers certificate to further my knowledge of flooring .

My flooring product idea!

  I have seen over the years how much material gets thrown away.  “If only there where a way to take it and make something profitable.” It would take for ever to collect enough material to do a house.  That wouldn’t work, so I thought on it for quite some time.

Now before you go to thinking. (Wow they waste alot, idon’t want them on my job) That’s not what i mean. You see, warehouses get a bunch of stuff they can’t do anything with and they pile it up to be thrown away. Well, after a lot of thinking , some trial and error the pictures you see below shows what i have come up with. I have  made 13 different models so far. You will soon be able to buy them straight from my site.

Flooring meets Hope Chest!

Blanket chest with travertine herringbone pattern, brushed silver handles and chains.
Blanket chest with travertine herringbone pattern, brushed silver handles and chains.
Blanket chest with travertine open
Blanket chest with travertine open









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