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Average cost to install wood & tile .

Planning a home improvement or upgrade, not sure how or what to add up?  Assuming it’s a preexisting home there is much to consider when putting new floors in .  What to expect when upgrading the wood or tile floors or showers in your preexisting home ?

There are three basic steps when dealing with the labor cost of flooring ( wall or floor ) .

  1. Demo old flooring : Removing the furniture and old flooring would be the first tasks . Carpet is a no brainer. Cut it into sections easy to manage. Roll it up and out it goes.  Tack strip and  pad go also. When removing tile or wood it will take much more and will create a lot of dust so that is to be expected. Taping off sections of the home will help keep the dust down .
  2. Prepping concrete prior to installation : In most cases when you remove carpet you will find sheetrock mud and other stuff stuck to the slab or concrete. The surface will need to be cleaned with a scraper . Same as tile and wood but of course it will take a lot more effort. Installing wood will require the floor to be as flat as possible. Within 3/16 of an inch . Usually it is not flat and patching is most definitely needed to insure it is installed correctly.
  3. Installing: Tile is installed with a thinset mortar allowing  the installer to make adjustments as he or she is installing. Wood is installed with wood flooring adhesive.

These steps are important to asure your floors are being installed properly lasting for years to come. That is why most folks will rely on the flooring professionals that do it daily .  Because let’s face it, the cost of all the materials involved in doing the job alone will make you think twice about doing it yourself.

Having new floors installed ?

Did you know ? Most wood flooring manufacturers don’t like to honor product warranties if it wasn’t installed by a recognized flooring installer.

Wood flooring
Hardwood flooring American Walnut 5 inche random length.

 Wondering how much it might cost to install hardwood floors?   Removing and desposal generally costs $1.50-$2.50 per square foot. The average cost to install hardwood flooring is usually in the range of $2.00-3.25 per square foot. Additional charges may apply in the event that the concrete or subfloor should need to be leveled or patched before installing hardwood flooring. The cost to level or patch usually runs $45-$50 a bag depending on how many are needed.

The labor costs of flooring contractors can vary by size of company and region or location.

Also, here are some installation requirements and enteresting facts about wood flooring.

Average cost to install tile & stone .

Tile & stone flooring installation cost ? The average cost to install tile & stone can vary drastically by design or layout and location (wall or floor). Price for installing tile & stone flooring  starting at $2.50 on up to as much as $8.00 a foot.

   What’s the average cost to install tile in a shower ? The price of installing tile showers is determined by job/difficulty not by the foot . The price of installing a tile shower can range anywhere from $600 for a plain tub enclosure on up to $3,000 for a custom job built shower .  Fully closed in showers or walkin showers generally start at $3,000

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