Flooring installers in Denham Springs LA

Flooring installers in Denham Springs


Looking for good flooring installers in Denham Springs?

Great!  Southern Flooring & More, flooring installation and repair service.

While most people are leaning to the more economical method of getting an estimate now days.  Some home owners would still prefer a flooring installer to come out to their home and go over the job with them to give a flooring estimate. That’s fine too, give us a call 225-442-4741 to get a free flooring estimate.

Planning a kitchen backsplash, custom or job built shower install ? Not sure the tile shower design you want ? Or maybe you just haven’t seen a backsplash or tile shower design that  caches your eye ? Here you can check out pic’s of our work , who knows you may find something you like.

Browse flooring brands online to find the right price on Hardwood, Laminate, Mosaic, Tile and much more to fit almost any budget. Wood flooring from the rustic barnside look to an elegantly rich modern look. With so many colors and styles to choose from, the selections are endless. So with that in mind, take your time. Make sure of what you want because you should only have to do this once. If you would rather browse the flooring warehouse we use locally, that can be arranged as well . They carry most of the same name brand flooring materials as our online affiliates. Plus they have some awesome tile design specialists on site to help you with designing and color coordinating.        Note:The local flooring warehouse we use is Prosource and is in no way affiliated with Fast Floors. The prices are set by those respected companies and Southern Flooring & More has no effect on the prices of flooring materials.

 Ever wonder where to get those hard to find travertine light switch covers, pencils and even boarder peices? (Through our affiliates) We offer all those hard to find pattern travertine. If you have any questions on making a purchase please do not hesitate to call .


What is Southern Flooring & More ?

If you are looking for a wood or tile flooring installer in my area, then you my friends, have come to the right site. Find flooring installers in Baton Rouge. Southern Flooring & More is not only about delivering the best deals on some of the top quality name brands of flooring products on the web, to our Louisiana residence. It’s about studying only the best flooring installation practices to bring you the best installation possible lasting for many years to come.

Many people have asked me. Dustin, where is Southern Flooring & More located? It is my regret to inform you all that we do not have a physical address to give out at this time. Southern Flooring & More is a small business, we are flooring installers that know flooring installation and repairs in a second nature sort of way.

Southernflooringandmore.com was created by me, Dustin Lauraine, flooring installer, site developer and publisher. With the idea that every home owner deserves to have the highest level of quality flooring installation possible. Also providing the home owner with the quality name brands of wood and tile flooring that some of the local wholesale warehouses won’t sale to the public. Only through our affiliates are we able to bring our customers those flooring products. Don’t worry we do not effect the prices . We only provide a link to the products in which you are looking for online.

It’s a known fact that most manufacturers will not warranty the material if it is not installed correctly. Meeting the product manufacturers warranty requirements are essentiel to the installation proccess of all flooring jobs. I’m not going in to details but take engineered wood flooring for enstance. The concrete slab is suposed to be flat, within so many 16th’s of an inch for the manufacturer to warranty it for malfunctions. Meaning, if that slab has any hills or vallies it has to be patched and allowed to dry and moisture tested before the wood is installed. To insure your floors, showers, backsplashes even patios are being installed correctly. We are consistantly up to date on most flooring manufacturers warranty requirements. Saving you the time of having a flooring installer come back out an make some costly repairs. When in most cases could have been prevented by some guide lines we flooring istallers must follow, to stay in good standing with those manufacturer warranty requirements. Also by sticking to our S.O.P. guide lines. We are exceeding our customers expectations one home at a time.Moving on…

Did you know? Most contractors now days higher out subs/installers when they can’t get to the job.  They’ll also higher out when they feel the job is not paying enough money for them to take it on. Then they’ll haggle the sub/installer down enough to where he/she feels like they gotta rush and that leads to mistakes being made. In most cases get over looked.


What separates us from the rest?

With so many good hard working flooring installers out there. It’s hard to say we are the best in the business. Some of our business ethics may be different than others. Mainly what separates us from the rest is our idea to take the leftover flooring material and come up with something each home owner would love and some day pass down to their children.

Heart pine hope chest
Heart pine hope chest with glass mosaic feature. Fabric inlaid trimed out .
Heart pine hope chest
Heart pine hope chest with glass mosaic feature strip and on the lid.

Only after trial and error have we come out with a beautiful product we think everyone will love.                                                                          Although most jobs have the material left over to build the hope chest’s. It is always advisible to order extra just in case some natural accident should happen down the road.

Denham Springs, LA.  I have been living in this beautiful town for 30years. If there is one thing i can say about Southern Louisiana home owners, it’s this. We sure love our homes.  Denham Springs is not a big city. It’s a small town in Livingston parish LA. The residents in denham springs are very family oriented, each with their own visions and styles of comfortable living. They work hard, they play even harder and they plan for their future.

With that being said. I’m sure that everyone loves their home. No one wants to pay to have their flooring installed only to have it pop back up or just look like it was thrown into position. Whether it’s a floor, shower, backsplash, patio it doesn’t matter what it is.  It’s your home you want it installed correctly.

So, with all the people out there that say they can lay floors… How to find a good flooring installer?

My suggestion when looking to hire a good flooring installer.

  • Ask to see pictures of the installers work .
  • Check their work record. Better Business Bureau.
  • When all else fails ask for recognizable work references.

Most flooring installers do not take the time to take pictures of their work after a job has been completed. Most people would like to see pictures of flooring installers work. Some home owners will check with the B.B.B. to see if a installer has any complaints against them. If so they want to know if the issue was resolved or not.

Although Southern Flooring & More, flooring installation and repair service, is not accredited with the B.B.B. ( YET ) we have a great work record. If a problem does occur with one of our ( product ) installs. We are quick to address the issue.

If this has been helpful please like and share to spread the word. ” Good flooring installers in Denham Springs LA”. Thank you all and have a blessed day.

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