Hardwood flooring installer in Baton Rouge, LA.

Looking for a reputable hardwood flooring installer?  You have come to the right place. It’s not easy to find a reputable flooring installer in Baton Rouge, LA when there are so many people that say they can install hardwood flooring or even tile. These days anybody can spread wood glue and lay wood but it takes years of experience to understand all that goes with installing wood flooring.  Every step involved with installing wood flooring is very important in it’s own way.

Click  here for more information on how to properly clean the slab prior to installing wood flooring. I have also included  a list of tools needed for a proper cleaning.

Any good flooring installer should know these steps. They might have different ways or tools for each step but the outcome should be the same. Now let’s talk a little about the subfloor. The subfloor most be within reason when installing hardwood flooring. Whether it is a concrete slab or a wood floor on piers, it needs to be somewhat flat. It cannot have hi’s and lows (humps and dips) . If there are any hi’s and low’s then you will need to patch before installing hardwood flooring. The way to tell is to take a four to six foot straight edge and run it across the subfloor. You will see the hi’s and low’s and know where to apply patch. If the subfloor needs to be patched and does not get it the hardwood flooring WILL separate from the subfloor causing it to sound hollow and possibly buckle.

How can i tell if they know what their doing?

Here are some questions to ask when hiring a hardwood flooring installer.

  1. Do you remove all the paint and debris from subfloor?
  2. Do you patch for wood?
  3. What is your price for installation?
  4. Do you warranty your work?

You should be able to ask with confidence and know you’re getting what you pay for. It’s your home and we can all admit, it sure hurts the bank when you have to do something of this nature twice.

I hope this post has been helpful so the next time you might be looking for a reputable hardwood flooring installer in Baton Rouge, LA. You know what to ask them and the steps they should take when installing your wood flooring.

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