Have a leaky shower?

Why waterproof it first?

What to do when tiling a shower ?

If you just stick tile to the wall, sure it will stay but not waterproofing it first can cause problems, costly ones too. Anytime you’re dealing with water in a shower, you want to be sure that no leaks occur down the road. Did you know that the average job built shower cost’s  somewhere between 2 to 4 thousand dollars ? Plus materials. It can get expencive… an quick. Let’s be honest no one wants to eat a $4,000.oo job.

I can not stress this enough. Anytime there’s a tub enclosure or shower, it is vital the walls and floor are thoroughly waterproofed prior to the tile being installed. Even if you mix an additive sealer in when your grout. That’s not enough by itself to keep water from getting behind the tile.

Here’s what happens.

Moisture gets behind the tile and mold can form causing your sheetrock to deteirerate, and basically fall to pieces.  Over time houses settle and that alone can cause a big problem down the road. If the walls get tweeked by settling it can crack the grout just enough to let water get by. Even if you cannot see the crack. Just the minut of cracks can cause a disaster.


There are alot of waterproofing  products out there. Most of them when applied correctly, do what they are formulated to do. Here are a few that we deal with.


  • Redgaurd:  It comes in a few different size pails so there is less waste. Easy to apply . You just roll it on the area you will be putting tile on.

Note: Make sure that you coat the walls really good . (When i say good, I mean put at least 2 coats, and lay it on thick.)  Don’t be shy when it comes to waterproofing . 


  • Laticrete: also a great working product. Applies the same.

Note: When you use any roll on and dry waterproofing, always allow time to fully dry before applying another coat.

  • Schluter shower systems: Kurdy is among the best waterproofing materials there is because of it’s flexability and natural ability to divert water.

Note: This material should be installed by a professional to better insure that it is installed properly.

We have been using schluter shower systems for a little over 3 years now and we have never hadIf you are attempting to install this material for the first time may i reccomend that you atleast watch someone do it first. I always find it best to see it being done, before I try anything myself. Watch schluter installation

Eco friendly

Now a days more and more people are going green.  They have all sorts of ” green ” products on the market.

  • Green sealThis product is much like the others. Same easy application. Even a little cheaper than Redgaurd or laticrete.

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