Hardwood flooring installer in Baton Rouge, LA.

Looking for a reputable hardwood flooring installer?  You have come to the right place. It’s not easy to find a reputable flooring installer in Baton Rouge, LA when there are so many people that say they can install hardwood flooring or even tile. These days anybody can spread wood glue and lay wood but it takes years of experience to understand all that goes with installing wood flooring.  Every step involved with installing wood flooring is very important in it’s own way.

Click  here for more information on how to properly clean the slab prior to installing wood flooring. I have also included  a list of tools needed for a proper cleaning.

Any good flooring installer should know these steps. They might have different ways or tools for each step but the outcome should be the same. Now let’s talk a little about the subfloor. The subfloor most be within reason when installing hardwood flooring. Whether it is a concrete slab or a wood floor on piers, it needs to be somewhat flat. It cannot have hi’s and lows (humps and dips) . If there are any hi’s and low’s then you will need to patch before installing hardwood flooring. The way to tell is to take a four to six foot straight edge and run it across the subfloor. You will see the hi’s and low’s and know where to apply patch. If the subfloor needs to be patched and does not get it the hardwood flooring WILL separate from the subfloor causing it to sound hollow and possibly buckle.

How can i tell if they know what their doing?

Here are some questions to ask when hiring a hardwood flooring installer.

  1. Do you remove all the paint and debris from subfloor?
  2. Do you patch for wood?
  3. What is your price for installation?
  4. Do you warranty your work?

You should be able to ask with confidence and know you’re getting what you pay for. It’s your home and we can all admit, it sure hurts the bank when you have to do something of this nature twice.

I hope this post has been helpful so the next time you might be looking for a reputable hardwood flooring installer in Baton Rouge, LA. You know what to ask them and the steps they should take when installing your wood flooring.

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Reputable tile installer in baton rouge, LA.

Hi there, tile is  one of the most versatile products on the market nowadays. It can be installed almost anywhere you can think of on the floor, on walls, ceilings, patios, pools even signs and columns.  The best part is it will last for a very long time when it’s installed properly. That’s why it’s important that you hire a reputable tile installer to do the job.

Nothing else brings more satisfaction to a homeowner than knowing their tile was installed correctly. So if you’re in or near the Baton Rouge area give us a call and one of our trained professionals will come out to your home and go over your project and discuss what needs to be done to insure that the job is done right.

You can also see our service area and as always if you’re  not sure just ask.


Tile Shower Design Ideas

Looking for a unique tile shower design ?

Let’s say , assuming you own or are on your way to owning your own home . (Congrats by the way) No dought you are growing fond of your home and you want to take care of it so it will take care of you . It may be time for an upgrade to your  bathroom tile , kitchen backsplash or floors . No matter the area this is your comfort zone and your families safe heaven . Whether it’s just a cracked tile or groute coming out of the joints … the worst would be the sound of walking on sugar or sand . That is a sure sign of the tile popping up from the slab or subfloor .  A

In todays society everyone is trying to keep up with the jones or so it seems .

Ask yourself this .

Do you want to stand out from the rest or are you good with just blending in .

There are so many directions you can go when trying to find the right look for your new bathroom or shower .

Shower tile design

Picture of tile shower design
Job built shower

People are paying more attention to how there bathrooms look these days . It’s more commonly so with the women of the house . Guy’s you know the saying ” If mama ain’t happy nobody’s happy ” . The picture above is in an average size home about 2,200 square feet .

Let’s take a look at this walk in shower .

Walkin shower
A beautiful tile shower in gonzales la.

This is a large walkin shower and is one of many in this 5,500 square foot home.

Whether it’s your personal home or a rental that you are upgrading getting it done right the first time should be more important to you than the price you pay for having it done twice. That is why we take the necessary steps it takes to insure that it’s not only done right but that you are totally satisfied with our work.

Also we understand that most home owners don’t have an endless amount of money at there disposal, so it’s important to stay within your budget. That being said the tile shower design ideas you see here may be outside your budget. We have more tile shower designs and flooring photos witch you can browse to find a perfect match for you.




10% OFF flooring installation

Thinking about upgrading the floors in your home… Or maybe you’ve been dreaming of replacing the old tile in your shower and finally have the time and money to make your dream reality .

No matter the case i’m sure you’ll be interested in getting a 10% discount on the installation cost ! In this post i will explain how to get up to 10% off flooring installation labor cost.

We are consistantly going the extra mile to bring our customers the best deals on flooring products online. Now we are proud to introduce our best flooring deal ever. That’s right we are offering a discount on labor cost of the installation .

Here’s how it works

Tell us about your project .

The first incentive will be earned when you fill out our job description information form. When you submit your information and a short discription of what you are wanting done, you will recieve a  3 % discount. We will then schedule a time to meet at your home or business and go over the job . We then set you up with a design specialist (free of charge) at prosource were they will put your visions (of how you want your home to look and feel) on paper .

Buy flooring at wholesale prices !

The second incentive worth another 3%  will be earned when you purchase your flooring materials from one of the local showrooms at Prosource wholesale flooring . There are three showrooms within 30 miles of Denham Springs. Prosource of Baton Rouge LA. at 10414 Plaza Americana Dr, Prosource of Gonzales LA. right off highway 30 at 2325 South Commerce Ave, and Prosource of Baker which is located at 3000 Main Street in Baker, LA.

Testimonial – Write a review 

The third incentive worth 4% will be earned by writing a testimonial. It must be 250 words or more. Not sure what to say. That’s ok just tell us how we did . Did we show up when we were sceduled to show ? Did we explain the proccess and steps to insure a proper installation in a way you could understand ? Where you satisfied with the work we did on your home ? Did we complete the job in a timely fashion ? Lastly, would you recommend us to others?

After completing all three incentives you will then recieve 10% off our final labor cost. That’s correct just by completing these simple tasks you get money back.

How much money could you save ? Let’s take a look at the average amount home owners spend with us. The average home is about 1,200 – 2,000 square foot of living area. The average amount spent is somewhere between $500-$3,000 dallors, with a 10% discount that’s $50-to $300 you save. For a much larger home of 4 to 5,000 square foot some have been known to spend much more in the range of $2,000-$20,000. Keep in mind that the averages above are for floors. Let’s take a look at tub enclosures and tile showers, which can differ tremendously by design, material and the time it takes to complete . The average tub enclosure is around $600-$1,100. A job built shower usually cost’s anywhere from $2,000 $3,500. A walkin shower… $3,500 on up. You can start to see the savings add up .

Flooring Products

In the future we may offer product discounts but at this time we have no control over the prices of flooring material at Prosource. There’s really no need, they already have great prices and plenty of selections of the name brands us flooring installers know and rely on.

Prosource Cabinets and Granite Counertops!

We often look at Prosource as the flooring installers one stop shop for home improvements.

Need new cabinets or countertops? Customers who visit prosource love the many different styles of cabinets and granite countertops they have to offer.  Although Prosource is a members only showroom for trade professionals, we give our customers a front door pass.

If you have any questions for Prosource in Gonzales, LA. you should ask to speak to Mr. Jerry Darby or Ms. Kimberly Guillot. Mr. Darby has been in the flooring industry for over 30 years now and has seen it all! He really knows flooring installation, construction timeframe and design options for almost any project you may be planning. Jerry can answer most of the questions consumers have about their flooring products and installation options. Ms. Guillot has been with Prosource since 2012. Her experience with interior design and construction provides insight in keeping projects on track and within budget.

Prepping the subfloor for wood flooring installation.

How to prepare subfloor for wood flooring installation ?

In this post i will explain how well you should prepare the subfloor prior to installing wood flooring and why .  What is the subfloor you might ask ?  The foundation for a floor in a building. Whether it’s your home or business the subfloor will be concrete or wood . It’s simply a concrete slab or wood floor on piers.  So now that you have an understanding of what the subfloor is, let’s dig into the preparation proccess and the tools needed.

How clean should the subfloor be prior to installation ?  While most wood flooring adhesives are formulated to stick to just about every surface you could think of..

The installer ( whomever that may be ) really needs to do a proper preparation to the subfloor, to insure the wood flooring will adhere to it . With that being said all the paints and stains, sheetrock mud must be removed.

What if i just glue over paints, stains and sheetrock mud ?      If you glue over the paints, stains and other known construction debris that get stuck to the subfloor, it will stick for a while but most likely will not hold for more than a year or two. In some cases it’s less than a year. Causing the home owner headaches down the road. That is why i recommend doing it right the first time.

Let’s look at the steps we take to insure our customers are getting a proper wood floor installation. One that will last for years to come. I have included a list of the tools needed to prepare the subfloor.

"Picture of how to clean subfloor"
Scrape where the floor sander will not go.
"Floor cleaning"
Using a floor sander to remove paints, stains, etc. from subfloor ( slab )
  1. Sand and Scrape  : You need to sand and scrape all the paint, stain and sheetrock mud off the concrete or subfloor. Scraping is generally where the sander can not go .
  2. Clean it up : After you have the surface cleaned propperly.. sweep it all up an dispose.
  3. Sweep it again : Does it really have to be swept again ? If you have a vac that’s just as good . The point is to get as much dust off the subfloor so that patch or glue will adhere . A thin layer of dust can make some problems .
  4. Check for patch : With a six foot straight edge you will slide it across the slab checking for high spots and low spots. Any gaps between subfloor and straight edge over 3/16’s of an inch will need to be patched . Patch usually takes a few days to completely dry.
  5. Prepping patched subfloor : Sand and scrape just to make sure that anything loose ( flaky ) will be removed . You then need to cut all the door jams that wood  will be going under. Then, with a chisle or screw driver,  run it under the door jams and base boards to get out the sheetrock and other debris.
  6. Super clean : One last clean up and your ready to pop a line and lay wood .

Tools needed for subfloor prep

  • Scraper
  • Push broom
  • Vacuum
  • Chisle
  • Jam saw

Wondering where to get that first line from .  Usually when the time comes to install wood flooring the tile is already installed so that is where we start from.

Wood floor installation best practices

Should all flooring installers follow the same practice. YES and here’s why. In my 4 years as a flooring installer i have delt with all sorts of wood and tile repairs and diggups. Not everytime but most of the time when we dig up old wood flooring what i have noticed is this. The wood glue will be stuck to the wood and what’s stuck to the glue…paint…stain…sheetrock mud…and even patch. Now… if the subfloor had been prepared properly then it would most likely would not have an issue.

By following these wood flooring installation guidelines, we can insure that the wood is there to stay for many years to come .

Now that you know what the subfloor is and how it should be prepped prior to installing wood flooring sharing is caring. If this post was helpful share this with your friends so they too can be as informed as you. As always we thank you for vsiting our flooring website and hope you have a wonderful day. If you have any further questions feel free to give us a call.


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