Thin set glues

What thinset to use when installing tile?

For shower area’s you will want to use the white thinset because it has no additives in it helping to prevent mold and mildew . The thinset’s you see below are not mold resistant. They are for the floor area’s.

Versabond is most commonly used because it works, and is cost efficient. Like most other thinset or tile glue, versabond is among the leading name brands in tile morter.

Depending on the area / surface you will be laying tile on, that will determine the type of thin-set you will need

Versabond flex is used for many surfaces like over a wood subfloor, crack supressant as well as outside. We all know mother nature can take a toll on our favorite pass time areas. Our patios and carports, garden walkways etc. See versabond flex is made to withstand the harsh weather  expanding and contracting. Although it may cost more than the regular fortified thin-set it holds up better too.

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